30 Minutes - £30.00

60 Minutes - £45.00

ScarWork Therapy

60 Minutes - £50.00

Sports Massage

Sports massage focuses mainly on one or two areas of pain or injury. It is not a treatment that is reserved just for athletes. Anybody can benefit for this form of treatment.  The massage is tailored to you and your injury/problems.


Through using postural and muscular assessments, massage, stretching and strengthening techniques Sports Massage can help with:
Muscular pain
Sports injuries
Accidental injuries (such as whiplash)
Headaches & migraines
Back, neck & shoulder pain/stiffness
Hip & knee pain
Arthritic pain
Work-related overuse injuries (RSI)


As an athlete, Sports massage can also help you to:
Improve performance
Quicker recovery time from training and competition
Train more intensively
Competition preparation
Lower the risk of injury
Speed up the recovery process.

Pregnancy Massage

Offering Mums-to-be a chance to unwind through a calming massage which aims to relieve the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. 

The methods are adapted slightly and a side lying position is used to make Mum feel more comfortable as well as the addition of pillows and support.


There is no rule to as and when you should come for a massage or stop having one. I usually advise to wait until the 2nd trimester as most Mum's can feel a little delicate during this time.

Also as long as you still feel comfortable in a side lying position you are able to enjoy a massage up until your due date and beyond if you find yourself overdue.

De-Stress & Deep Tissue Massage

A calming and relaxing massage using light to firm massage strokes to release tension and stress. I don't differentiate between the two as pressure is down to individual preference and firm pressure shouldn't mean you aren't able to relax and enjoy.

ScarWork Therapy

ScarWork is a gentle manual therapy, using hands directly on the surface of the skin without the aid of lubricants. These therapy techniques were developed to help tissue damage, both visible and beneath the skin, associated with scarring, including fibrosis, adhesions and contracture after surgery or trauma.

ScarWork therapy can be used to treat any tissue fibrosis or "thickening" following a trauma or surgery. It can also help to reduce pain, sensitivity and numbness. The light touch is often emotionally beneficial aswell, providing a great holistic recovery treatment. This treatment can be used as part of your rehabilitation or for help with older problematic scars.

A ScarWork therapy treatment is 60 minutes including a consultation and assessment.  It is advised to wait until at least 6 weeks post surgery or accident before starting ScarWork Therapy. 

Depending on the amount of Scars that need to be worked on, a longer appointment may be needed. This will be discussed during your initial appointment.  

For this treatment multiple sessions are required to help the treatment and healing be more effective. Again, a treatment plan will be discussed at the end of the first appointment.

An example of the types of surgical scars that can benefit from ScarWork Therapy are:

  • Caesarean Section

  • Mastectomy

  • DIEP

  • Breast reconstruction

  • Radical Neck Dissection

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Laparoscopy

  • Hip replacement

  • Knee replacement

  • Gender reassignment