30 minute massage = £30.00

60 minute massage = £45.00

90 minute massage = £60.00

My prices go by time of treatment.  Sports, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Deep Tissue massage are the same price.


What happens if I feel unwell on the day of my appointment?

If you feel unexpectedly unwell either the day before, or the day of your appointment, please cancel as soon as possible. If your body is fighting any kind of infection whether it’s bacterial or viral, getting a massage will not help you in the acute stage at all.


These symptoms are the ones I wish to highlight:

  • A new and continuous cough

  • Loss of smell or taste

  • A persistent high fever

If you are experiencing any of these, you need to stay at home, self isolate and phone the NHS for guidance. At the time of writing, if you have any of these symptoms you can phone and book a test for Covid 19.


Covid 19 - Health and Safety

I’ll try to keep this short but it IS so important to know what will happen during your visit.

Guidance is constantly changing with regard to the use of PPE and I will update this page as soon as information becomes available.


As of 19th July 2021, it is no longer mandatory to wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces, however as Massage is still a close contact setting I will still be wearing my face mask during appointments and I will be asking you to please wear a face covering to arrive for your appointment and whilst you are face up during your massage. If you have forgotten one, I have a supply.


When I greet you I will be wearing a mask. I promise I am still smiling behind it all though.

I will not be wearing gloves during your treatment as research from the WHO suggests that thorough hand washing, and abstaining from face touching are more effective outside of a clinical setting (I don’t do anything that involves piercing the skin). Also, I use my forearms and elbows when massaging!

When a client enters the studio, they can be assured that all touch points including door handles, will have been sanitised between every visit.


You will be required to use hand sanitiser upon entering and leaving the studio.

I am staggering appointments with a 30 minute buffer between appointments.  This is to allow time to throughly deep clean and ventilate the room.


Please bring a bottle of water with you, as limiting touch points, I am no longer offering glasses of water, I will not refuse in an emergency however.

If you do book, please don’t speed read any of my reminder emails, they will include vital health and safety information keeping you safe and up to date on protocols during our visit.


If you, or anyone you know has tested positive for Covid 19 in the last 30 days before your appointment, please do not book an appointment and self isolate for 14 days, even if you think you feel fine.


If I find out that I have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid 19, I will cancel my appointments and self isolate for 2 weeks. I will also have to contact every client I have been in contact with, should this situation ever arise, it’s important that you know this.

This is a very serious issue, and not to take the focus away but please, if you feel ill at all, it is so important that you cancel your appointment, and also if you find out you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid 19, you must cancel your appointment, the effects for me are far reaching and go way beyond having to contact all my clients.

What happens during my appointment?

When clients come into my studio, they will be asked to use hand sanitiser.

Before we start, I will go through your consultation form with you, then I step out of the room or behind a screen to let you get ready. I will have a safe sanitised space for you to place your belongings. Everything in my room has been wiped down after every client. My desk, all work surfaces, the coat hook, everything! 

At the end of the treatment, I will again step out to let you get dressed. 

There is now a 30 minute gap between appointments.  To reduce the amount of touch points that clients come into contact with, I will always get the door when entering or leaving my room.

Also, going back to limiting touch points for clients, please bring your own water with you for after your treatment.

I have to right to refuse or stop a massage if I feel myself or my client is no longer safe and I have a zero tolerance to aggressive and sexual behaviour. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

I will be asking you to pay via Paypal or bank transfer to reduce cash handling.  You will receive an invoice by email the day before your appointment.  I ask you please to settle this balance before your massage.  I don't like to chase people for money. 

I would like a sports/remedial massage, but can’t see it listed?

Just book in for how long you would like your appointment to be. The reason I don’t list them separately is because it can confuse clients, not knowing which one to ask for. I don’t need advance notice on this as you are an individual, and so is your treatment. What could feel like deep tissue massage to one person, may feel like a skin polish to another.

Whatever the reason for your visit, be it an injury, just a maintenance massage, or you have been competing and need to relieve aching muscles, we talk briefly beforehand, going through your consultation form, and take it from there.

Your appointment is YOUR appointment, and it’s super important you feel like you get what you need. I want to reach that fine line between not making you feel like you have been beaten up, but also, that you feel that that you have had a massage and not just a skin polish.