Welcome to my Baby Massage course.

During this current climate things are not as they would be normally therefore I am offering classes online. The Pros to taking a class online are

  • Being in the comfort of your own home

  • Not having to rush out the door to get to class on time

  • Being on mute if little one is crying or upset

  • Being able to learn with friends who don't live nearby

  • Having a recording of the class if little one is asleep or feeding

If you have a group who would like to take a class together then please don't hesitate to contact me.  I am always happy to accommodate where I can.

Online Video Purchase - £20.00

An online course with guided video tutorials to teach you how to safely and confidently massage your baby.  Click the button below to purchase your course.

You will be sent to a new website where you can access the videos an they will be stored for you to access at any time.  




Tuesday Mornings

One to One Online. - £30.00

Duration - 30 mins

2 week course

Private classes online or in person at my studio. 

Contact me via email, phone or my contact form below to book a lesson. 

Gift certificates also available for a perfect Baby Shower present. 

2 Week Online Course. £ 15.00 - * £7.50 per lesson.

4 Week Online Course. - £30.00 - *£7.50 per lesson.

Duration - 30/45 mins

I will be running online courses, 1 a week over 2/4 weeks on Zoom.  The ease of an online course means you will be in the comfort of your own home and I am still able to personally teach and guide you through learning the massage. Great for groups of friends wanting to learn together who don't live near each other.

Contact me via email, phone or my contact form below to book a lesson. 


Baby Massage is a great way to spend time with and bond with your baby. Throughout this course I will be teaching you the skills to safely and confidently massage your baby and it is a lovely way for both sets of parents to be involved.

There are many benefits to Baby Massage including bonding, relief from wind, Colic and encouraging neurological and muscular development.  Best for babies from 6 weeks - 6 months old.